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The EZ-Robot Complete Kit
$189 USD

The Complete Kit Includes:

  • EZ-B v3 Bluetooth Robot Controller
  • EZ-Builder Robot Control Software & SDK
  • Vision Tracking Camera
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • 6 x Servos (4 standard, 2 Continuous)
  • 2 x Peripheral Cables
  • 6 x AA Battery Holder & Adapter
  • Servo Attachments and Wheels
  • Supports many Robot Platforms!
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • Free Updates [details]
  • Too many features to list! [details]

The EZ-Robot Complete Kit includes our innovative Hardware and powerful Software to build the robot of your dreams!

    Our complete kit offers Speech Recognition, Vision Color/Face/Motion Camera Tracking, Glyph Recognition, Joystick/Wii remote, HTTP Server, Mobile Device Support, Custom Scripting (C#/VB/EZ-Script), Object Avoidance, GPS/Compass Tracking, and hundreds of more features.

    Are you ready to experience the power and easiness of the world’s most complete robot kit? EZ-Robot's innovative platform includes the hardware and software that RoboticistDJ Sures uses to personalize his robot companions. Now you can too!

    Easiness and Power are reasons EZ-Robot has been the driving force behind countless robots for Hobbyists, Competitions, Schools and R&D Facilities. We are committed to maintain ongoing development by implementing new features to increase the personality of your robot companion.

    Our powerful kit accommodates beginner and advanced users by providing a graphical control interface, custom scripting, and a full-featured SDK.

Arduino boards    

Arduino Uno                                                     Eur  27.50


Tehnicka specifikacija:

Mikrokontroler ATmega328
Radni napon   5V
Napon napajanja (preporuceno) 7-12V
Maksimalni napon napajanja 20V
Digitalni I/O pinovi 14 (od kojih 6  PWM izlaz)
Analogni ulazni pinovi  6
DC (jednosmerna) struja po I/O pinu  40mA
DC (jednosmerna) struja za pin na 3.3V  50mA
Flash memorija 
32KB (ATmega328)  je 0.5 KB
iskorišceno za bootloader
SRAM   2KB (ATmega328)
EEPROM  1KB (ATmega328)
Clock Speed   16MHz


Arduino Due                                                               Eur  49.50


Tehnicka specifikacija:

Mikrokontroler AT91SAM3X8E
Radni napon 3.3V
Ulazni napon (preporuceni) 7-12V
Ulazni napon (dozvoljeni) 6-20V
Analogni ulazi 12
Analogni izlazi 2 (DAC)
Maksimalna struja na svim pinovima 130mA
Maksimalna struja na 3.3V pinu 800mA
Maksimalna struja na 5V pinu 800mA
SRAM memorija 96KB (64 +32KB)
Takt procesora 84MHz


Arduino Shields
Ethernet shield  + micro SD                              Eur  39.60
LCD keypad shield                                            Eur  15.20
Motors shield                                                    Eur  30.00
WiFi shield                                                        Eur  86.00
Protoboard  shield                                              Eur  14.00

Arduino modules and sensors

Bluetooth module                                    Eur  16.50



Sonic sensor                                             Eur  8.00



Temperature and humidity sensor              Eur  6.00





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